Saturday, October 27, 2012

Final Card: Dennis Ribant

Here is the final card for pitcher Dennis Ribant (#463). This is the second Royals card posted to this blog, but the first one showing the new Royals' uniform (although Ribant never played for the team).

For most of the 1969 season, collectors were presented with a large number of capless or airbrushed cards, not only for the usual load of traded players, but because of the four expansion teams, as well as the recently relocated Oakland Athletics. By mid-season, we were rewarded with beautiful photos of players on the 4 new expansion teams, plus the Oakland A's.

Dennis Ribant was signed by the Braves in 1961, and was a combined 21-4 in his first season (17-4 in class D, 4-2 in double-A). He pitched 3 more seasons in the Braves' system, then was traded to the Mets on August 8, 1964.

Dennis made his major-league debut with the Mets on the next day, and made 14 appearances (7 starts) for the remainder of the season. Ribant split the 1965 season between the Mets' bullpen and triple-A, then had a good season in 1966, winning 11 games for the hapless Mets.

After the '66 season, Ribant was traded to the Pirates for pitcher Don Cardwell. In November 1967, it was on Detroit for pitcher Dave Wickersham. The Tigers traded him to the White Sox in July 1968, then re-acquired him after the season (causing him to miss out on the 1968 World Series).

The expansion Royals purchased his contract in December 1968, but by the end of spring training in 1969, he moved on to the Cardinals. Ribant spent most of 1969 in the minors, first in the Cards' organization, then with the Reds after a mid-season trade. His final major-league games was on September 27th.

Ribant pitched in the minors from 1970-73, with the Pirates, Padres, and Phillies.

Also check out Ribant's 1967 card.

I thought I only had one more "final card" after this one (Mickey Mantle), but I found another 40 while going through my 1969 binder recently, including 17-year veteran Ron Kline.

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