Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Deckle #31 Willie McCovey

I recently picked up a small lot of deckles on eBay last week to bring my deckle set completion over 50%. I found a nice surprise on the back...

..a McCovey decal had been applied. Little did I know that they used the same photo for the deckle and the decal, which are different from the base card!

Monday, February 8, 2010

#010 Juan Marichal / Bob Gibson / Fergie Jenkins 1968 NL Pitching Leaders

3 iconic Hall of Famers on one 41 year-old card! This is one of my favorite cards of the set.
These 3 all had a 20+ win season, Juan with a stunning 26! It was Bob's year though with winning the MVP trophy and his first of 2 Cy Youngs. You just can't ignore his 1968 stats like an ERA of 1.12, 268 K's, 13 shutouts, 28 complete games out of 35 games started, another of his 9 Gold Gloves and of course his 22-9 record. Incredible!