Tuesday, September 22, 2009

#419 Rod Carew Sporting News All -Star

Here's a young Sir Rodney on his Sporting News All-Star card #419. Only in his third season, he was on his way to win his first of 7 AL batting titles with an average of .332 that year! This was his 3rd All-Star selection in his, count em', 18 consecutive All-Star selections! He also stole home 9 times that year. Wow.

According to Beckett.com, there were 20 All-Star cards, all with puzzle pieces on the back. The first ten, including this one, featured a Carl Yaztremski puzzle. The other ten featured Pete Rose.

This card, along with another dozen, were sent over from Dean at Dean's Cards just because of his love for the 1969 Topps Baseball set! After Dean contacted me, I checked out his store and was really impressed by the sheer volume of singles listed, and the quality of the layout. They've pretty much got the last 100 years of sports trading cards covered, along with a large amount of non-sports cards, mostly from the 1930's through the 1960's. In most cases, you'll have a choice of which grade you want. This card, for instance, shows 5 EX/MT, 15 EX and 4 VG cards in stock! Check 'em out.

Here's the other cards sent over from Dean that will be shown on this blog in the near future:

# 1 AL Batting Leaders -Yaz / Cater / Oliva
# 120 Pete Rose
# 136 Cardinals Rookies - Huntz / Torrez
# 139 Andy Kosco
# 158 Joe Gibbon
# 334 Phil Roof
# 388 Tom McCraw
# 389 Dan Coombs
# 391 Ray Culp
# 436 Gene Alley
# 445 Bobby Knoop
# 553 Ron Davis


Erik said...

Love the 1969 Topps All - Star cards. I am in the midst of collecting them all.

1958 Topps All - Star cards are my favorites but the 69's are nice to look at. In fact, most Topps 50s and 60s all star cards were nice except for the 1968 Topps. Ugh, hated the burlap set.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Hi Erik,

I agree that the brown burlap was a drab choice, but at least they "crisped it up" after the 1st series with re-designed borders.

I find the 1964 set to be completely without character. Huge white borders, small pictures (relative to the card size), and generally washed out colors. The 1961 set isn't far behind IMO.

I really like the bright colors of the 1963 and 1960 sets. If I were to start collecting another year (after "semi-completing" my 1966 and 1965 sets), it would be one of those 2 years.

Erik said...

I have mixed feelings about the 1964 Topps set. While I agree with your comments, I still like it. I don't know why, but I do.

The main problem with the 1964 set is that it is caught between two very bright and colorful sets, the 63 and 65 Topps sets.