Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Remembering the Summer of '69

Today is the final post to this 1969 set blog. 

This blog was started in 2009 by a blogger named Pack Addict (who later changed his handle to Socially Awkward Jelly Fish). After it sat idle for almost 2 years, I approached him about me posting on his blog (since I had a lot of 1969 cards) and he turned it over to me completely in January 2012. (My first post here was about Bobby Bonds.) 

But now I too have found it difficult to maintain interest in blogging, so I am retiring most of my blogs.

The 1969 cards were the 3rd set I collected in my youth. Many have maligned it for the huge number of capless and airbrushed photos, but that was unavoidable, given the 4 new expansion teams and the whole Houston/Astros mess. 
But the set does have a lot going for it: 
4 more teams (requiring 2 new color schemes for Topps) 
68 more cards than the previous year. (You would think with 4 more teams, that would mean 100 more player and 4 more manager cards, but many of the expansion teams' players appeared on Rookie Stars cards, or were journeymen not on a major-league roster in 1968, so they were not included in the next year's set.) 
The final cards for Mickey Mantle, Don Drysdale, Johnny Podres, and many others (as seen in the previous post here). 
THREE different insert subsets: 
There was so much to see and collect!
After the 1969 set, I took 2 years off from collecting cards (although my 1-year-younger brother continued to do so in '70 and '71). I returned for one last year of collecting in 1972, then I was out of the hobby until 1981 (which I've mentioned in this post). 
So now I have retired my '63, '65, '66, '67, '68, and '69 blogs. After two more posts, the '70 blog will close down as well. 
If you haven't seen it already, please scroll down to the end of the sidebar to read comments about the set that I wrote, and posted on Zistle some years ago.


bbcardz said...

I love this set (the first I ever collected) and I'm still 4 big-money cards short of completing it.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Do you have both versions of the Clay Dalrymple and Donn Clendenon cards?