Saturday, April 25, 2009


I awoke this morning with high hopes of getting a couple hours to myself at the Jantzen Beach card show today, but after getting there and quickly realizing there was no such card show this weekend, I almost shed one. I should have paid more attention to what I was reading on craigslist at 3 in the morning and maybe I would have realized it was not until next week. No worries, I already had some me-time backup plans and I headed down to Hoopla Sports Card Outlet with all my monies. Immediately I started searching through the boxes of vintage bargain cards on the counter and I found 9 more cards for my wantlist.

#11 Sam McDowell / Denny McLain / Luis Tiant SO Leaders (25¢)
#52 Mike Andrews (25¢)
#107 Bob Gibson checklist (25¢)
#111 Johnny Morris (25¢)
#154 Jim Britton (25¢)
#155 Pete Ward (25¢)
#174 Grant Jackson (25¢)
#189 Joe LaHoud / John Thibdeau RC (50¢)
#575 Bill Singer (25¢)

Most of these were in pretty bad shape, but that doesn't concern me. The rookie card was in great shape and it cost me all of 50 cents! Also, I found my first high numbered card with the Bill Singer! So that gives me another 1.3% and I am now looking at 37.2% complete.