Monday, August 10, 2009

#392 Bob Burda

Mark over at Stats on the Back gave away free cards to about 60 fellow collectors last month with his Giveaway #2. I mentioned that I collected '69 Topps along with other wants, and I didn't really expect to see any, but Mark did throw one in with the rest of the goodies, which I'll post soon on my other blog.

I've never heard of Bob Burda, but this at least puts another check mark on the higher numbered needs on my list, but, of course, is an awesome addition to this collection. Bob spent his career excelling in the minors and coming up to the show regularly when needed. Ironically, the "stats on the back" of this card might be some of the most dismal I've ever seen on a baseball card. Bob ended up being a career .224 hitter with 13 home runs and 78 RBIs in 388 games played.


Matt Runyon said...

According to the card he made his home in Scottsdale, AZ. He played in AAA Phoenix from 1966-1968 so it makes sense. Bob was a lifetime .283 hitter in the minors. The 1969 expansion probably added a few years to his career.

DeansCards said...

Burba was Lefthanded 1B on a team that has a guy named McCovey. Not much of a chance.

Love your blog. Great Read on my favorite set.

If you like, we will send you some cards that you need for your blog. Just go to the Dean's Cards website and open an account. I will pick out some cards and send them your way. Please send me a e-mail let me know when the account is open.

Thanks again for the great blog.


sociallyawkwardjellyfish said...

Glad you like the blog Dean! Yeah, that sounds great! I'll do that as soon as I get a moment. Your store is VERY nice! Love the selection!

Jim from Downingtown said...

If you want "some of the most dismal [stats] I've ever seen on a baseball card", check out the 1967 Bruce Brubaker card. Somehow, he rated his own (full, not shared rookie) card, without any prior major league experience!

Unknown said...

Burda was another card I seemed to have a multitude of in 1970, complete with the obligatory "1b-of" designation. I seem to recall he had a cup of coffee with the Red Sox either in '71 or '72.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Similar to Bob Burda's card is the Senators' Gary Holman. (Both cards having green circles, both rookie 1st basemen, and both not having much of a career.)

At least Holman scored a Topps All-Rookie trophy (which we will see on this blog soon when I post all the '69 trophy cards).