Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Final Card: Bobby Klaus

This is the final card for Bobby Klaus (#387). He has a card in this set, even though his last major-league appearance was in 1965.

Klaus was signed by the Reds in 1959, and played in their minor-league system for 5 seasons, the last two with the Reds' triple-A San Diego Padres.

Bobby made his major-league debut in April 1964 with the Reds, but was traded to the Mets in late July. He played for the Mets through the end of the 1965 season. Those 2 years (64-65) were to be his only time in the big leagues.

In February 1966, Klaus and catcher Jimmie Schaffer were traded to the Phillies for 1st baseman Dick Stuart. After 2 seasons in the bigs, Bobby was back with the triple-A San Diego Padres, now part of Philadelphia's farm system. He would remain there through the 1968 season.

After the fall 1968 expansion draft, the (major-league) San Diego Padres selected him in the Rule 5 draft (explaining why he has this card). Before the '69 season started, he was traded to the Pirates with outfielder Ron Davis for pitcher Tommie Sisk and catcher Chris Cannizarro. Klaus played that season with the Pirates' AAA team in Columbus before retiring.

Bobby's brother Billy was an infielder with the Red Sox, Orioles, Senators, and Phillies from 1956-63.


Douglas said...

I had this card and still may have it, somewhere. Even back then, I was mystified why a player so far absent from the Majors would get a card. I think the Padres were going for "name familiarity" marketing, since competiveness in their first year (and turns out several years) was out of the question.

The same goes for final card of Jesse Gonder. His historical tie to SD was the moster year for the PCL Padres of 1962. As with both players, neither instances resurected their careers.

Eric C. Loy said...

I talked to Klaus' college coach about this. Klaus was promised all sorts of things by the Padres, one of which was he wouldn't be traded to any other organization since he had established himself in San Diego. Of course, they traded him.

Unknown said...

I remember this card, and Bobby Klaus when he played for the PCL Padres at Westgate Park (torn down to make way for Fashion Valley shopping center); and the last year when they actually played in San Diego Stadium. I remember, at 10 years old, opening day for the MLB Padres, and being bummed out that Klaus wasn't at 3B... It was Ed Speizio.