Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Astros are Back

After a season and a half of ugly Astros Houston cards, the Astros cap logo re-appears in the later 1969 series cards.

For continuity, Topps still used the team name "Houston", but no longer felt the need to use capless photos or butcher the photos with ridiculous airbrushing techniques (such as the "let's not even try" method of completely blacking out the cap).

Most of these players are featured in their road uniforms, which complied neatly with the edict, while only Larry Dierker is shown in his (somewhat obscured) home uniform.


Erik said...

Jim Wynn, the Toy Cannon. I wonder how much better his stats would have been had he not played in the huge Astrodome for a good part of his career.

Sean Ahearn said...

I have all those cards signed